Taking A Stand - Hawaii & Palau

Hawaii and Palau lead the world in taking a stand to protect the coral reefs and our marine environment.

Scientists mostly focus on rising sea temperatures being the driving cause behind coral bleaching, but often times, coral are bleaching at significantly lower temperatures, and they’re not reproducing.

There is another factor in the mix, that has been largely ignored.

It’s coming to light now, and the world is taking notice.

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Today, oxybenzone is the most commonly used sunscreen ingredient.

In 5 years, it will be banned everywhere.

No parent should ever put oxybenzone on their children. No pregnant woman should ever be using oxybenzone. Do not use oxybenzone if you are trying to become pregnant.

Hawaii and Palau are the first to ban it, while many other countries follow. It is a massive human health concern, and you must know about it.

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